A Remarkable Camp Experience Just For Women

Join us for a camp adventure that will leave you feeling loved, recharged, and inspired to live the life you were meant to live!

Breathing in the fresh morning air with the warm sun beating on your shoulders, you head over to your first group gathering excited to get you inspired!

Then you can’t wait to pop into one of the creative sessions or a special meditation or adventure activity to get you aligned with your soul’s purpose.

Wow – what a seriously awesome lineup! Ready to chill by the lake for a bit, you grab your towel and end up meeting a couple of truly amazing women that soooooooo get what you want to manifest in your life  – and you finally feel like you belong.

After chatting for what feels like hours, you join an adrenaline pumping class followed by a fantastic dinner with your new friends taking in the untouched beauty of nature.

You top the day off with an amazing time around the campfire – and s’mores of course!

And that's just ONE DAY of Your Camp Adventure!


Soul Full Camp is an all-inclusive camp inspired experience designed to help women live life better. If you are looking for a break from routine life and want to shine a light on what makes you YOU … all while achieving your happiest self yet, then you definitely need to join us!

Soul Full Camp is NOT to be Missed!

At SOUL FULL CAMP, You Decide…

YOU decide what you want to do, based on what YOU most want and need. And every day you’ll have a smorgasbord of choices.

So you pick…

…whether you want to step out of your comfort zone and jump from a 30 foot pole…

spend some time on the water kayaking, canoeing or trying your hand at a stand up paddle board…

…or whether you’re looking to grow more on the spiritual side – on how to use your divine guidance, nurture a positive mindset and bring your sacred self into the world…

…or you feel the need to express yourself creatively and physically through art, yoga, dance and movement!

Or… ALL OF THE ABOVE! (yes, please!)

Whatever classes you choose to attend (and that’s totally up to you)you’ll craft your own personal Soul Full Camp experience because only your soul knows exactly what you need.

Whether it’s a…

  • workshop that enables you learn how to eat healthier…
  • an art class to amp up your creative juices…
  • a movement class to get your blood flowing…
  • or downtime to simply stare out at the lake or have a long conversation with your new BFF

…it’s totally your jam.

The best part is not only are WE (Jenny & Heather) teaching but so are YOUour community – and we harness the cream-of-the-crop to make our camps the most heart-felt experience on the planet!

Ready To Start Your Camp Adventure?!

No Stale Conference Rooms…

We’re all about incredible experiences that fire up your body, mind AND creative soul.

Plus, we’re allergic to dark, stale conference rooms – so there’s going to be plenty of opportunities to learn and grow through epic outdoor activities, adventures, and custom-crafted ceremonies. Yes!!!!

Whether you’re swimming in crystal waters, flying through the air, or doing some seriously epic learning – we’ve got a way for you to experience new thrills, ease into relaxing and tranquil moments or chat the night away with your amazing new bunk mates.

And please – don’t worry if don’t feel like doing any of the activities, you don’t have to unless you want to.

Connect With Like Minded Women…

We purposefully design our experiences to allow you to truly connect person-to-person, heart-to-heart, soul-to-soul.

We’re here to support and help each other while making life-long friends – sharing the best of our kind, generous hearts AND our expertise.

Together we make up a community of strong empowered women in the process of becoming lifelong friends. If you are coming on your own, or with old friends, you are definitely going to leave with some new ones!

And just to be clear, this is NOT a “superficial what-can-I-get-from-you” kind of vibe. NO. This is about putting yourself out there and actually having CONVERSATIONS and getting real.

Time To Put YOU First…

With all the demands of being a woman, it’s hard to find quality time just for YOU. At Soul Full Camp, you’ll have time to focus on yourself, rediscover who you REALLY are meant to be, find that inner confidence that is still inside you, relax, grow and NOT worry about what you have to do for others.

There’s nothing like putting yourself in a creative environment of like-minded souls and exposing yourself to new ideas and ways of doing things.

So it’s time to head into the restorative grounding of nature, take in the beautiful lake views, slow down, and come back energized, with an innovative perspective, newly discovered soul sisters, and the answers to questions you’ve been pondering for months.

This is all about you girlfriend. All you have to do is show up with an open mind and heart … and leave the rest up to us.

Are you in?

I want the connections, content + crazy good time!

So maybe you’re not quite there…..YET.

No worries, that’s okay.

Listen to what a few of our happy campers have to say about their Soul Full Camp experience.

Soul Full Camp has been called “life changing” and “the most powerful days of my life”.

Others have called it a “camp like no other, which was equal to years of therapy”.

Welcome to YOUR Tribe, Soul Sister!

So we’re curious…

  • Does your soul yearn to live your life to it’s fullest?
  • Do you desire to live with purpose, passion and a dash of magic?
  • Do you believe you’re here to make a difference in the world?

Of course you do!

Maybe you know there’s more for you, but are just unsure how to get it. At Soul Full Camp you’ll discover how.

You deserve this time. You do so much for others that it really is time to fill your own cup. And plus, when you become the woman you were meant to be, imagine how you can positively impact your family, friends and community.

Women who attend Soul Full Camp put themselves at the top of their to-dos, disconnect, find their flow and claim the next steps to create their own happiness. For real. You can be one of those women too!

Come Play and Grow With us

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