Sacred Transformation Retreat in Costa Rica

Experience a powerful life shift in the private surroundings of this sacred retreat.

March 6 – 13, 2024 at Con Smania CR in Playa Buena Vista, Samara, Costa Rica

Experience deep connection and transformation as you let go of what no longer serves you. You’ll be digging into what’s holding you back and changing your life through soul searching sessions, meditation, yoga, journaling, deep discussions, sound and plant healing. In addition to the deep transformative work, you will also experience amazing opportunities as we explore Costa Rica.

This fully immersive experience will take you away to heal your body, mind and spirit.

Relaxing with soul sisters in one of the newly designed gathering spaces, the sounds of howler monkeys claiming their home for the night delights your ears…

…as you bathe in the sacred paths and spaces that make up Con Smania.

As you connect with new friends and old, you’ll discover more about yourself while adopting new tools and participating in experiences designed to push you out of your comfort zone. Uncover the possibilities that are available to you when you are standing in your full power.

You are feeling the lightness that comes from being fully supported to be your best self and getting to release the pressure and overwhelm of life.

Take the space to deepen your relationship with self without the pressures of home. Deepen your connection to nature, the earth, the ocean, and life while blossoming into your true sacred self.

Explore the possibilities of gifting yourself a magical, transformative retreat in the sacredness of Con Smania Costa Rica.

What you are going to walk away with from this immersive seven-day transformative retreat:
  • The gift of fully knowing and loving yourself.

  • Clarity of what fuels you and possibilities for your future.

  • The ability to identify and release limiting beliefs, patterns or blocks that hold you back.

  • A new sense of self: worthiness, passion, calm, peace, purpose, joy and excitement for your life.

  • Deep connections with soul sisters who are also on their own wellness journey.

  • The benefits to your body, mind, and spirit that come from playing, resting, and rejuvenating.

  • A deeper connection to Mother Earth.

  • Memories to last a lifetime

The Venue

Transform into your best self in one of Earth’s most restorative destinations, located in one of the world’s Blue Zones… the Nicoya Peninsula in beautiful and vibrant Costa Rica. Con Smania is the ideal place to activate your greatest potential and honour your deepest purpose.

Each casita on this sacred ground positively invites personal transformation while strolling winding paths and lush native landscaping. Guanacaste trees shade the property and provide home to a variety of wildlife, including the howlers, parrots, iguanas and so much more.

The private landing strip provides a unique opportunity for walking meditation and breathing space. This safe and sacred space is also just a 10 minute stroll to the Pacific Ocean.

From hidden meditation spots to the grand and magnificent gathering casita, there is so much to explore on the property. You’ll also take some side trips into nearby locations to experience the magic of Costa Rica. Ride a horse along the beach, enjoy a private massage or just lounge at the unique pool for the rest and rejuvenation you deserve.

The Food and Meals

Inspired by the ingredients that make this one of the world’s five Blue Zones, the Costa Rican chef designs vegetarian-focused meals that burst with flavour and texture

Get a chance to taste your way through the Chakras during your week stay. Con Smania believes in honouring the land through connecting closer to source in all ways. Buffet style, they encourage you to take what you need knowing you can always return for more.

Breakfast is served in the front restaurant while dinners may be served in the main building, the tiki bar and poolside lounge, or up at the restaurant.

Anytime you need more nourishment, blend yourself a smoothie from local fruits and greens and nutritious add-ins. Grab a snack – you never know what Con Smania may conjure up.

What’s Included in the Sacred Transformation Retreat?

  • A full week, Wednesday to Wednesday, to soak in all that the property and the group has to offer.
  • Group call before arrival, we’re too excited to wait to meet you all.
  • A home for the week you aren’t likely to forget any time soon, each casita is unique!
  • Housekeeping and laundry services, you don’t have to worry about doing anything of that while you’re with us!
  • Breakfast from the local cook served buffet style. All dietary needs accommodated.
  • Chef prepared dinners in one of three spaces on the property.
  • Unlimited smoothie and snack bar.
  • Soul Sessions: This is where we dig deep, gain clarity and uncover your truest self.
  • Waterfall Walk: A 3 kilometer walk through a dirt path, surrounded by mature Guanacaste trees. You will ascend to an elevation of 300 meters and see 2 waterfalls along the way. One waterfall has a pool below which we will stop to swim in.
  • Samara Farmers Market: Embrace the local culture, find special mementos and enjoy local cuisine.
  • Visit a Macaw Reserve: Experience one of the natural wonders of Costa Rica! Enjoy watching released Scarlet Macaws as they fly in from the surrounding area for a snack while learning about Macaw Recovery Network’s conservation efforts of wild populations of Macaws.
  • Unique Sound Healing Experience: Soak away stress with a sound bath in the pool! Sound healing is a form of healing that uses different vibrations to heal the body, mind and spirit. It works on two principles: That different emotions vibrate at different levels, and that blocked, or unexpressed emotions, are the main source of dis-ease.
  • Herbal Medicine and Tincture Workshop: Receive potent healing abilities with millenary medicines from around the world- flowers, leaves, barks and roots that hold potency to aid, detoxify and boost nervous, digestive, liver and kidney systems, heart and emotions. We will prepare different extracts with local sugarcane distillate or homemade vinegar.
  • Fire Ceremonies: Connect to this sacred element, led by a Costa Rican Firekeeper of the Sun Dance, to embrace, release, and go within.
  • Sacred Plant Ceremony: Experience a spiritual journey guided by trauma-informed facilitators, deepening your intention of working on self and connection.
  • Daily yoga and meditation practices.
  • Transportation to and from Liberia airport.

And so much more! 

*all experiences are covered by your retreat fee and are optional, no refunds will be offered on any experiences you choose to forgo.

What’s Not Included:

  • Your round-trip airfare from home
  • Fees for any optional activities (horseback riding or private massage)
  • Personal, medical, or trip cancellation insurance (required)
  • Gratuities


Arrive into the Liberia Daniel Oduber Airport (LIR) on March 6 before 3pm if possible so we can pick you up and get you settled in before dinner. Departure on March 13.

Hosted by Soul Full Camp

For six years, Soul Full Camp has offered a variety of retreats as well as virtual programs and events to support women as they navigate through the enlightening process of healing and self-discovery.

Soul Full Camp provides immersive experiences filled with moments of awareness, letting go, finding courage, connection, community and self-acceptance.

Jenny McKee

Jenny is not your ordinary life coach; she’s an extraordinary guide on your journey to mental health and personal growth. With over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience, she brings a wealth of wisdom and insight to inspire and support women in their pursuit of self-discovery and empowerment.

As the Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp, Jenny’s mission is clear: to empower women by connecting them to their body, mind, and spirit through transformational personal development and wellness retreats. Her commitment to creating a safe space for self-discovery and personal growth is unwavering.

Jenny’s deep passion for personal growth is at the core of her coaching approach. She is a certified Points of You facilitator, leveraging her expertise to guide individuals on their path to self-discovery and empowerment. With Jenny by your side, you’ll embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery.

Jenny is also the creative mind behind the “Just for Today” Affirmation Decks and Journals. These powerful tools provide daily doses of inspiration and self-reflection to help individuals create positive change in their lives. Through these tools, Jenny empowers you to conquer negative self-talk and cultivate a mindset of positivity and personal growth.

Jenny’s journey as an entrepreneur, her commitment to women’s mental health, and her transformative retreats have left a lasting mark on countless lives. With her warm, authentic presence, Jenny has become a beacon of inspiration for those seeking personal and professional success.

Heather DelRosario

Heather is a passionate advocate dedicated to empowering women to unlock their fullest potential and embrace the life they were destined to lead.

As Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp, a Strategic Intervention Coach trained by the renowned Robbins-Madanes Training, and a Heart Centered Facilitator inspired by the teachings of Danielle Laporte, Heather has devoted her life to guiding and inspiring women to realign their energies with what truly matters in their personal and professional journeys.

With her profound insights and practical approach, Heather empowers women to tap into their inner reservoirs of strength. Heather has the exceptional ability to offer actionable, real-world advice that can be immediately applied to initiate positive transformations.

Heather’s expertise is firmly rooted in a background of learning and development, as well as corporate team management, where she has refined her skills in fostering personal and professional growth. Heather’s own life journey, with its unique challenges and triumphs, has equipped her with a profound understanding of the paths to personal fulfillment and self-empowerment.

Fueled by her unwavering passion and enriched by her extensive experience, Heather is uniquely positioned to deliver captivating and transformative insights. You will leave inspired and prepared to take meaningful steps toward the life you were destined to live.

Rachel Logan, Yoga & Wellness Facilitator

Rachel is a dedicated Yoga and Wellness Instructor with a passion for creating beautiful experiences and fostering connections. Rachel’s journey into yoga and holistic wellness began during a transformative 2-month trip to India in 1997. When her children were older she decided to pursue her passion for yoga, completing a 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training and a 100-hour Goddess Flow™ Teacher Training in 2018. In 2019, she expanded her expertise by adding a 15-hour Partner Teacher Training, a 25-hour Kids Yoga Training, and began studying, assisting, and teaching Restorative Yoga.

Rachel’s professional journey led her to her dream job as a full-time Yoga and Wellness Instructor at Ste Anne’s Spa, one of Canada’s top destination spas. Here, she shares her love for gentle movement and peace with guests, emphasizing the creation of beautiful experiences.

Rachel’s teachings focus on the Divine Feminine, creating a safe and supportive space for her students. She combines asana, community, connection, and fun in her classes, providing a holistic approach to wellness and self-discovery.

How does it feel to know you will be embarking on a sacred transformational journey with other inspired women at a profoundly beautiful venue? We can’t wait to welcome you to your Soul Full Adventure!

7 nights, 2 meals a day, treats and unlimited smoothies, round-trip airport transfer, Soul Sessions and Fire and Beach, all at a private retreat center plus all the delights we come up with during the week!

We are offering an Early Bird Special of $3,299 USD for a shared room or $4,799 USD for a private room. Payment plans available.

Ten Early Bird spots are available, after they are gone pricing will increase to $4,299 USD for a shared room or $6,499 USD for a private room.