Fill Your Whole Heart as You Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit in This Three-day Immersive Camp Experience Set Against the Backdrop of Unforgettable Encounters Between Horses, Humans And The Natural World

You’re worthy of experiencing the fulfillment you desire in your life.

Horses can act as gatekeepers between the worlds of human and nature. Wordless, they communicate in waves of feeling and pictures, gestures, and sounds. When we’re near them, they bring our hearts, minds and bodies into a state of wholeness.

The beautiful 150-acre ranch is conveniently located in Southwestern Ontario, near Brantford, Ontario. The expansive property not only offers horses, but majestic scenery as well.  

I can't wait!!!

Let your heart take the lead, allowing yourself to be that little girl again. Reclaim your sense of wonder and playfulness with breakout sessions designed to release you from “should.”

The wildest imagination fails to paint the full picture of what a weekend at camp can do for your life!

You get to play and have the time of your life … all in a judgement-free zone with other women just like you.

We have all kinds of mind, body and spirit experiences that will bring a smile to your face.

You can choose from a variety of fun activities such as trail riding, archery and high ropes. We also offer enlightening and creative sessions.

And the best thing, you get to choose the experiences that your soul needs.

Circle Square Ranch offers cozy dorm style lodge rooms as well as rustic cabin accommodations that you’ll call home for your three days of your adventure.

Jackson Hall offers bedrooms that sleep up to five women and each bedroom has a complete 4 piece bathroom. The Hall is a 15,000 square foot facility and offers two lounge areas.

The Lodge provides two large style dorm rooms that sleep up to eight women. There are also two smaller rooms that accommodate 2 women each (these rooms will be allocated on a first registered basis).  There are two shared bathrooms and shower areas as well as a lounge and kitchenette.

If you are looking for a rustic, more outdoorsy experience then a cabin will be a perfect match!  The cabins feature two large rooms that each sleep five guests and one smaller room that sleeps two guests (these rooms will be allocated on a first registered basis). Each cabin sleeps up to 12 guests. Bathrooms and showers are a short walk away.

This is where you’ll bond with your soul sisters, building relationships that last a lifetime.

Have a group of women coming? Let us know, and we’ll bunk you together!

Our Compliments to the Chef: Gather around the table, and savour each bite as you enjoy delicious meals prepared for you to enhance your empowering, all-inclusive, Soul Full Camp experience.

The camp chef offers nutritious, filling and tasty cuisine options.

Hearty, healthy options will be served to keep you filled up.

All meals and snacks are included with your registration, but feel free to bring your own nut-free snacks.

The chef and the kitchen team can accommodate all special diets and dietary concerns … we’ll ask you about them when you register.

It's All-Inclusive!! OMG!

Nourish Your Body: Reconnect to Curiosity, Awareness and Connection in Our Engaging Body Breakout Sessions at Brantford Soul Full Camp

You will be taught basic horseback riding skills and safety techniques in the riding arena before heading out on a enjoyable trail ride around the Circle Square Ranch property. Immerse in the beauty of nature as you receive the calm from your beautiful hooved friend.

Not quite ready to get out on the trails? No worries, we’ve got something for you! You will receive beginner-level horseback riding instructions. While controlling their horse at a walk, riders will practice stopping, turning, reversing, and circling.

Challenge yourself physically and mentally on the high ropes course. The trained staff will belay participants on their choice of vertical or horizontal obstacles.

Gentle Yoga, led by Rachel. Add a gentle, grounding practice to your Soul Full weekend! This class will help you learn some grounding poses, techniques and modifications that you can practice on and off the mat—never tried yoga? What better place to start than at Soul Full Camp with your soul sisters!

In this fun-filled recreational activity, participants will learn basic shooting techniques in a safe environment and will try to hit affirmation targets.

Take a gentle hike with Patricia where she will reveal our outside mindset and show us how to reclaim it, reconnecting us with nature and our selves. You will leave with a better understanding of how the power of trees and nature help us in ways you may not have realized, and the knowledge of how you can invite and accept that powerful gift into your self-care from wherever you are.

Nourish Your Mind: Celebrate as You Let Go, Release and Renew in Our Engaging Mind Breakout Sessions at Brantford Soul Full Camp

Giant Paper Flowers are so beautiful and can be used to decorate for events and at home. Using coloured cardstock, scissors and hot glue, you will learn how to create these big bold beauties, how to decorate with them, and where to find additional resources for other amazing big paper projects.

Learn about the local plant and wild life while fostering a respect for nature through this hands-on guided nature hike.

Discover your creativity and celebrate the relationships that matter to you as you create beautiful cards. Use pre-made cards that just need to be assembled or create your own designs!

Join artist and teacher Jahje Ives for some creative play as she teaches you how to create your very own Moon Meditation Painting! We will begin with a short exercise to tap into the intention setting power of the full moon. Then we’ll explore the ease and magic of watercolors in this complimentary class, combining mindfulness and art making. You’ll leave your stress behind and emerge with the satisfaction of having created your own unique work of art. NO ART EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

Learn what it takes to tame those hormones and live your best life. Based on 3 pillars involving movement, lifestyle management and the food we eat. This is not a one size fits all approach as we are all uniquely different in physiology, lifestyle and preferences.

Good old fashioned friendship bracelets, a true camp experience. Lead by an age old girl guide/camp counsellor who was never without some kind of bracelet making tools. You’ll use beads, hemp, thread or plastic lace to create your bracelets. Give one bracelet to a friend, when it breaks off, they make a wish and it will come true!

Nourish Your Spirit: Reclaim Your Sense of Courage, Contentment, and Self-Acceptance through our Engaging Spirit Breakout Sessions at Brantford Soul Full Camp

Complete Cellular Mind Body Alignment CCMBA is one of the profound healings that works on all levels: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Learn how to release toxins, abuse, gain vertebrate alignment, spiritual insight or anything that you need.

End your day with a guided meditation to develop inner peace, let go of stress and help you relax as you wind down and get ready for a great sleep.

Lorree will guide you on an explorational journey of your inner knowing so you can radically release and forgive the past, connect with your truth and tap into your Spiritual Intelligence to free your soul to expand and express. Lorree uses her intuitive wisdom, drumming and her voice to support your healing experience.

Chakras hold your stories, your traumas, your beliefs – they hold info both physically and energetically. In the Colour Mirrors System, however, colour is not just about helping you release blockages and heal your issues. It is also a potent tool to guide you towards a life of greater consciousness and joy. The energy of the bottles can go in and release what blocking you from reaching this potential. The traditional Chakra colours are represented in the Colour Mirrors System, as well as the higher vibrational colours which help us to understand a newer state of awareness, expanded consciousness, open-heartedness and possibility. In this workshop, you will learn the deep meaning behind each colour, and how to work with both the traditional and the new bottles in the Chakra set of bottles in the Colour Mirrors System.

This journal workshop is an invitation to reconnect, reclaim and root wholeheartedly within your sense of self as you release self-editing and judgement. Release and renew are an integral part of moving forward, and having the conversation allows you to have the shifts so that you can write. Jenn will guide you through the process of using your journaling practice to allow powerful shifts to unfold when you allow yourself to have intentional conversations that address the root of self-editing and judgement.

Meet Our Brantford 2022 Soul Full Camp Breakout Session Leaders

Dorota Clifford is an Ordained Minister, Spiritual Medium, Clairvoyant Soul Mentor, Empowering Everyone to Awaken their Intuition, Intuitive Coaching, Teacher and a Radio Host.

Nat’s a crafty girl who has a passion of doing multiple different craft stuff. She finds a lot of joy and relaxation from making paper crafts and loves sharing that with others.

Lorree is an oracle game creator and spiritual wisdom healer. Connecting to the power of divinity through Radical Forgiveness, Lorree gently guides women to trust their soul’s wisdom, heal their ancestral patterns and create a life they love.

Patricia Pearsell is a Warrior Mom, Caregiver and Advocate. After some serious physical and mental health challenges she began her own journey to better health where she has enjoyed discovering the many healing benefits of nature.

Heather Nicholson a multi-passionate creative who seeks to create and share her ideas with others in the hope of enriching their lives. She is a musician, a photographer, a graphic designer, a paper flower artist and a Mandala Dot artist. 

Lea Moffat is not only a wanderer, but an adventurer and a creator. Her inner child wants everyone she meets to remember what it feels like to create, to play and explore their own inner thoughts. 

With over 20 years of experience, Angela specializes in hormonal fat loss, corrective exercise, metabolic interval training and kickboxing. She understands the struggles that many women face when it comes to weight loss and balancing their hormones. She is a 2nd Degree Black Belt in ITF style Taekwon-do and a Black Belt in Fitness Kickboxing. She was a Master Trainer for Fitness Kickboxing Canada for 10 years. She uses her unique blend of humour and being a kid again to make exercise fun.

Jenn Laforet is a Writer, Author, Founder of Write Current and Podcast Host of Bloom Notes in Bloom, a weekly podcast that helps women get out of their heads and into their hearts with words that matter so that they can reconnect, reclaim, root and celebrate their sense of self as they navigate seasons of change. Jenn writes and publishes Write Current’s soothing and supportive life enhancement guided reflection journals, digital art prints, and audio programs that help women 25-65+ worldwide.

As the founder of Lynn Milne Harmonious Healing and a life-long learner, Lynn is a holistic and wholistic healer; working from the inside out with women who want to release both their physical and metaphysical pain and/or trauma.

With Certifications as a Colour Mirrors Practitioner, BioEnergetic Trauma Release specialist, and Reiki Master, Lynn uses a combination of these and other modalities to heal and support women on this adventure we call life!

Rachel Logan was introduced to yoga as a teen by nuns on a high school missionary trip to India. Her practice continued throughout her adult life to manage the stresses of studying, work, marriage and parenthood – finding a deep love for the practice. In 2018, Rachel completed her 300-hr Yoga and 100-hr Goddess Flow™ Teacher Trainings through Ahimsa Yoga. In 2019 she added a 15-hr Partner TT, 25-hr Kids Yoga TT, and began studying, assisting and teaching Restorative Yoga. Rachel has facilitated meditation for classrooms from Kindergarten to grade 8, and incorporates thoughtful poems or guided meditations into her offerings. 

With a focus on the Divine Feminine, her teachings cultivate a safe space full of support, asana, community, connection and fun!

Jahje Ives is an artist, story teller, mindful creator, nature lover and spiritual seeker. She is the founder of Cultivating in Creativity, an art full membership for women to explore art making and mindfulness in an intentional way. When she isn’t teaching Jahje maintains her own studio practice tapping into the magic of nature, the divine feminine and more to channel it into her own art.

Isn’t it time you said YES to putting yourself first?

Click the button below to join us in this three-day immersive camp experience set against the backdrop of majestic horses and an expansive, natural property.

Space To Feel Compassion: Soul Full Camp at Circle Square Ranch in Brantford includes three signature Soul Sessions that are unique to this amazing camp experience.

These Soul Sessions are designed to help you move from a place of desire to understanding and knowing so that you leave camp with a full heart and tools to create momentum.

Our Soul Sessions, led by Jenny & Heather, are designed to help you dig deeper and connect to the answers that are already within you.

  • Awareness

  • Letting Go

  • Finding Courage

  • Connection

  • Community

  • Self-Acceptance

Meet Heather DelRosario, Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Many people think that an awakening happens all at once, but in my experience, it was a series of little moments.

Subtle shifts in awareness that built upon each other led me to look at myself in the mirror, hold my gaze and say to myself, “I’m making the decision that I don’t want to live like this anymore. It was time to find me.”

In the years since that pivotal moment, I’ve uncovered my purpose and have helped hundreds of women create change in their life through Soul Full Camp experiences, just like this one at Circle Square Ranch in Brantford.

Meet Jenny McKee, Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Art, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and reading were therapeutic and healing tools that I learned during my own mental health journey, and they continue to support me over ten years later.

Workshops, conferences, and retreats allowed me to learn these invaluable tools that I continue to use and widened my circle of like-minded people who, like me, choose to access this work to support themselves in their journey.

Just as Soul Full Camp does today for hundreds of women each year across the province, with over six different camp experiences held at multiple locations in Ontario.

Come grow and horse around with us! 

Your All-Inclusive Circle Square Ranch, Brantford Soul Full Camp Investment

  • Hearty home-cooked meals and snacks prepared by the camp chef

  • Connection Soulcial

  • Two campfires with special campfire snacks

  • 3 Signature Soul Sessions

  • Breakout Sessions to Nourish Your Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Three days and two-night accommodations

Prices start at just $495 but go up as we get closer to the event. We also offer payment plans!

Accommodations and Pricing per person:

Rustic Shared Cabin – $495

Lodge Room – $495

Jackson Hall Room – $545

These are our Early Bird Rates – Prices go up by $100 May 15th.

What Our Past Campers Have To Say About Soul Full Camp

Co-Founders Heather DelRosario and Jenny McKee have designed Signature Soul Sessions that are a highlight of the Soul Full Camp Experience.

The path of healing and fulfillment is different for everyone, but in Heather and Jenny’s experience, there are six key elements that they’ve woven into their soul sessions:

Awareness. That small whisper of your heart’s desire to create change or a what if? Curiosity to rediscover your sense of self. 

Letting go. Letting your heart take the lead, allowing yourself to be that little girl again, and reclaiming that sense of wonder and playfulness.

Finding courage. Getting really truthful about how you feel and facing those feelings rather than finding a way to run away from them

Connection. Allowing yourself to reconnect and nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you’re aligned and fulfilled in your life. 


Community. Finding like-minded people, those that lift you up and support your authentic self.

Self-Acceptance. Learning to accept yourself is the first step forward in creating what you desire in your life.

Find all of this, and more at Soul Full Camp!

The Fine Print

Must be 18 or older to attend.

Please note that Circle Square Ranch has a rider weight restriction of 225 pounds.  Please see below for an explanation of their policy.

Imposing a weight restriction on riders is not a matter of prejudice against heavy persons. It’s a matter of safety for  both the horse and rider. It goes without saying that added weight can make a huge difference to the horse. Too much  weight can cause rub-sores from the saddle, strained muscles, and pinching of nerves. Permanent damage such as a  “sway back” or deteriorated muscle function can even occur over time. A horse that is child-safe, bomb-proof and  completely docile under normal conditions may become agitated, frustrated, fatigued, irritable and even unpredictable  when over-stressed by a heavy rider. There are several factors that limit the ability of horses to carry heavier persons. 

  1. One is that the conformation, condition, and soundness of the individual horse. 
  2. Riderskill plays an important part. A horse must work harder to carry an unbalanced rider, which is  increasingly difficult with increased ridersize. 
  3. Terrain is another factor – a horse that could carry a heavy rider around a flat field with good footing,  at a walk, might find it impossible to carry the same rider up and downhills. 
  4. Tack is fitted for the horse, but must also fit the rider. Our saddles generally accommodate riders under  200lbs. Using a saddle that is too small for a rider makes it difficult to ride safely. 
  5. An accepted industry standard is that a riding horse can be expected to safely carry 20% of its weight. The weight carried would include both the rider AND the tack. Most of our horses at Circle Square weigh between  800-1000 pounds. 

Our Refund Policy

We know sometimes life happens and so we will provide a full refund 30 days prior to your camp less a $75 administration fee. Anything less than 30 days to camp has no refund, however you are welcome to gift your ticket to someone else (a $25 admin charge will apply), as long as you notify us in writing at connect@soulfullcamp.ca.

But we really, really don’t want you to do that. Why? Because we know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh gee, I don’t reeeeally need to go. What was I thinking?” or “(Sigh) Life is just so busy, I can’t possibly get away! Oops! Changed my mind!”

So we’re saying, “No way. None of that.”

Instead we’re saying, respect your time and respect ours. Say “heck yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Any questions before you commit? Email us at connect@soulfullcamp.ca for a caring, non-judgmental response. Prefer to talk on the phone? Mention that in your email and we’ll set up a date to chat.