Ready to find your true essence? Need to recharge? Perhaps change your perspective? Or just need some you time? Connect with your tribe of Soul Sisters, make a few small shifts to align and expand during this online Mini Camp!

Join Us!

We love seeing women come together and grow. The power of sisterhood is magical and we’re honoured that we get to witness the beauty of it.

The essence of being a woman is a message of inspiration;  empowering women to live overflowing with an abundance of passion, love, joy, happiness, gratitude, and everything their heart desires.

Every single one of us has the power to shape our future. If you’re unsure how to do that, join us as we help you remember

Monday, October 26th, 6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Here’s what you will experience …

  • Our opening circle will get each of us ready to be fully present and connected to our soul sisters who have joined us for Soul Full Camp Zoom.
  • In our first Soul Session led by Heather, you’re going to look at defining your core nature … what makes you uniquely “you”?
  • Join Camp Leader Patricia as she shares with you some truly simple and accessible ways to help you slow down, no matter where you are, so that you can become quiet and hear more.
  • In our second Soul Session, Jenny will use guiding questions and imagery to help you really see yourself.  Get ready to dig deep and listen to your soul.
  • Logic can be a friend or foe. When we as women want to make a decision our whole body wants to play a role in the process. But the current cultural expectation is to do your pro/con list and voila we know the best option… then why are we left with so much anxiety and second guessing? In this mini workshop, Camp Leader Daniella will help you access 3 other decision making centres that need to play a role in every vital choice you make. Become a decisive powerhouse and stop second guessing your life!

  • Get creative as we lead you to create your very own inspirational Hand Tracing Zen Doodle.

  • In our closing ceremony we’ll set our intentions and celebrate the power that resides in you! 

All this for only $35

Set an evening aside for you to connect, learn, grow and create the life you want … on purpose!