When the world is heaving, the most socially responsible path is to heal ourselves of what’s raging within. We become less triggerable and steady in the storm. 

Join Us Online for Heart Full Connections! 4 Weeks of Living From The Heart

We create resilience through heart intelligence. And right now, the world needs to be having heart centered conversations.

The planet needs a great awakening—and it begins inside. It begins with you. Ready to go all in?

Ready for some Heart Full Connections? Join Us on this four week journey. Sign up for all four or just one!

Week 1 – February 1 – Soul Discovery … this is the most important date of your life! This is an evening of Soul Therapy as you explore what your heart needs in order to be the best you.

Week 2 – February 8 – Divine Love … is the ultimate in inclusiveness. It is ever present. Shadow + light and all of our fragments and glory are welcomed into the Heart. This can be the whole purpose of your life.

Week 3 – February 15 – For Giving … is the heart’s natural impulse. It’s the deep call of these times to heal grievances and return to our innate state of being. If you’re feeling inner turmoil, you won’t want to miss this week.

Week 4 – February 22- Loving Kindness … What is Loving Kindness? Why is it so important, now, in these times? And how do we cultivate and embody this in the various facets of our lives?

Sign up for all 4 weeks and save! $25 for one week, $75 for all four.

Here’s what you will experience …

Week One - February 1
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST Soul Discovery

Life and its distractions and responsibilities have a way of making us lose sight of ourselves and who we truly are. All of the many resposibilities of our daily lives surround us and tempt us into thinking that “they” are the most important, and if we let them, they will take over and one day we wake up and realize that we’ve been so busy taking care of everyone and everything else is our lives … that we’ve forgetten our own dreams, our own desires and our own happiness

1. This Soul Discovery workshop is interactive, introspective and designed to help you dig a little deeper and connect with your true self.

2.  We look at what is holding us back, what we need to let go of, and how to best support ourselves with our new discoveries.

3. When you get clear on who you are, what you desire and let go of what’s holding you back, infinite possibilities await you.

Hello, me!

Week Two - February 8
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Divine Love

Whether you’re exhausted in reaching for joy, or wanting guidance on marriage, parenting, anxiety, or overwork… Divine Love can be a daily, healing substance in your life. It can be the whole purpose of your life. This  is the deeply practical approach to what mystics have been teaching for centuries. It touches on:

1. The difference between the emotion of “love” and the state of consciousness that is Divine Love.

2. Where emotions come from and how to have a more conscious connection with our feelings. 

3. How your relationship with your Inner Child (subconscious) affects partnerships, communication style, career, and health (yes, everything).

4. Anchoring to Divine Love for your prayer practice, self healing, and conflict resolution.

The heart chakra is a portal to Divine Love, and we can approach this majestic topic in a very practical way. Learn to tap that energy field, and you’ll have everything you need to dissolve blocks and glide steadier.

Hello, aliveness.

Week Three - February 15
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST
For Giving

Have you ever talked yourself out of forgiving someone? Or yourself? You WANTED to let it go, but instead you gripped, begrudged, and punished yourself (and them)? We know. Because we’re not taught to forgive. 

No matter where you’re at in life, and what you’ve told yourself is, or isn’t, forgivable, it’s not too late. You can free yourself. And them. Move on.

FORGIVENESS gets your LIFE on track. We promise you, it’s one of the greatest ways of becoming free, whole, and truly powerful. FOR REAL. Working through For Giving, we learn:

1. How to find resolution in relationships that ended years ago, but still feel open.

2. How to reconcile with past choices you wish you could re-do.

3. For when all you can muster is blame, we’ll talk a simple path to resolution.

4. Diffusing the charge of heated situations and restoring compassion.

Hello, freedom.


Week Four - February 22
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm EST
Loving Kindness

One of the best applications of our free will is to choose higher vibration thinking. Because ENERGY FOLLOWS THOUGHT. And choosing LOVING THOUGHTS is an act of Loving Kindness that shifts our lives and our societies. 

Loving Kindness is one of the four cardinal virtues in Buddhism—it goes from the root to the fruit. We can transform our default thinking of doubt and hostility to a steadier stream of kindness and resiliency—and that’s the ultimate freedom from suffering.

Choose thoughts that expand you. Loving Kindness supports us in understanding:

1. The difference between life-affirming declarations and spiritual bypassing with affirmations.

2. How to get your manifestation energy out of ego-driven cycles of dissatisfaction.

3. How to reframe your challenges so you can be freer.

Hello, expansion.

Set an evening aside for you to connect with like-minded women who desire more in their life and are looking for community.

One week for only $25 or $75 for all 4 weeks!

A heart centered life is a reflective life. A more reflective life forces us for change—be it disruption, loss; our gentle, daily evolutions; or the most magnificent love that comes our way in a holy instant.