Build Community. Find Awareness. Discover You.

We’re offering a safe place where you can explore your journey of self-growth in a non-judgmental and supportive community of like-minded women.


This is about you and your journey.

A place where you can be in community with other amazing women, explore new thoughts and ideas, find support when you need it and take the steps to fulfilling your journey of self-growth.

Hey Soul Sister is here to hold you, while you dig deep.

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Nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

Each month inside Hey Soul Sister is different, with a variety of activities to choose from that support your personal growth. In the Hey Soul Sister Online Membership, we co-create opportunities to nourish your mind, body and spirit. Giving you options and tools to support you as you fill your whole heart with awareness, letting go, finding courage, connection, community and self-acceptance.

What the Hey Soul Sister Membership offers you:

Every month you receive live events and full access to learning tools in the Knowledge Center which are housed in an easy-access digital portal. As well you’ll receive weekly affirmations and journal prompts delivered to your email, and a private Facebook community where you can bond with your soul sisters.

Soul Sessions with Heather & Jenny

LIVE Soul Searching sessions every month.

It’s always an honour for Heather & Jenny to connect with women who want more in their lives. These hands-on and heart-full sessions are where you’ll dig deep into your soul’s desire, life purpose and make the changes you need to create your best life.

Each monthly Soul Session is designed to help you move from a place of desire to understanding and knowing so that you leave the session with a full heart and tools to create momentum month over month.

Recordings are uploaded in the Portal for you to watch anytime.

Live Mindful Moment Sessions

We’re here to help you take it one mindful moment at a time in a community of like-minded people who lift you up and support your authentic self.

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle. One day blurs into the next as more tasks are checked off, and others pile on. The weight of it all can feel overwhelming.

That’s why we’ve made monthly Mindful Moment sessions a part of our Hey Sister Online Community. Each month, the tools you’ll learn in this session will allow you to apply them in your daily life. So that you can have that awareness of when you need to pause, reflect and reconnect to the present moment.

Live Interactive Session with Expert Leaders

Each month one of our expert leaders will offer a workshop or class sharing their passion and purpose.

Our expert leaders are artists, musicians, authors, spiritual practitioners, energy healers, movement, personal growth and development specialists from all over Ontario and the United States. 

They will guide you every step of the way in these Hey Soul Sister monthly interactive sessions that will invite you to nourish your mind, body and spirit as you: 

  • Reconnect to Curiosity, Awareness and Connection
  • Celebrate as You Let Go, Release and Renew 
  • Reclaim Your Sense of Courage, Contentment, and Self-Acceptance
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Monthly Soulcial

Women need to be in community.

Set an evening aside for you to connect and meet other fabulous women who like you, desire more in their life and are looking for community. It’s a time to chat, try something fun and new and great conversation around important topics.

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Learning Modules

Housed in the Membership Portal, accessible at any time.

Liberate yourself from “should.” Give yourself the freedom to make decisions based on your needs and values with our learning modules. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge waiting for you in our Hey Soul Sister Knowledge Center where you can discover what you need to grow at your own pace. Each module is fully downloadable and created for you to consume in bite size pieces or all at once. 

Allow yourself to reconnect and nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you’re aligned and fulfilled in your life.

Powerful Self-Reflection and Self-Discovery with Weekly Affirmations and Journal Prompts

Delivered right to your email inbox.

Our weekly Hey Soul Sister self-reflection and self-discovery affirmations and journal prompts gives you an opportunity to get really truthful about how you feel and find the courage to face those feelings instead of running away from them.

Let your heart take the lead as you allow yourself this time to unwind and reflect.  

What’s most personal is most general, and chances are if you have a question, someone else does too. Sharing connection and community are the biggest things that have gotten Heather and Jenny through everything and how we continue to support our mental and emotional wellbeing.

Everyone has their own interpretation of what connection and community look like, sound like and feels like. 

Our Hey Soul Sister Online Community embodies these beliefs: 

Connection is allowing yourself to reconnect and nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you’re aligned and fulfilled in your life.

Community is like-minded people who lift you up and support your authentic self.

Having a central private Facebook learning community allows you to network and connect with like-minded women and a platform to ask questions. 

In this sacred space, you are finding the courage to allow yourself to be powerful, seen and uplifted in a community of women that wants you to live life to the fullest expression of YOU. 

Do what works for you.

We’re here to help you on your journey of self-growth. Every journey begins with a single step, and this could be yours. 

Our commitment and dedication is to provide a safe, non-judgmental online community where you are free to explore, choose what you want to use and be your authentic self.

Our Focus For October


In many indigenous traditions the Moon is the leader of the feminine life. Mother Moon teaches us about our intuitive, introspective and receptive nature. She is the representative of the Divine Feminine and the Healer in the star system.

The moon also has an influence on the cycles and natural rhythms of life, the movement of the oceans, our bodily fluids and our emotions. Everything that moves on planet Earth, is moved to some degree by the moon too. For women she plays an important role especially, as a healthy cycle naturally synchronizes with the full or black moon.

Connect with the primal, feminine power of the Moon this month.

What you’ll receive this month in the Hey Soul Sister membership:

  • Soul Session with Heather DelRosarioYou only have to stand under a full moon to feel her power. The energy of the Moon has a huge effect on our everyday life. In this session you’ll learn how to transform your life with the moon phases and how to use the power of the moon to powerfully manifest. We’ll end with an oracle card reading to tap into her ancient wisdom for healing, guidance and protection.
  • Mindful Moment with Rachel Logan. Have you noticed your energy changing with the moon? Join Rachel for a Mindful Moment just 2 days after the Hunter’s Moon, where you’ll ground your energy as you learn some moon teachings, join in gentle breath-led movement, silently journal, and be led in a Meditation.
  • Red Tent – Menstruation and Moon Cycles Workshop with Jo Mazgay.  Are you a Red Moon cycle or a White Moon cycle? Did you know that even if you have had a hysterectomy, you still have very strong womb space energy? It is located within your sacral chakra. Men complete a full hormonal cycle every 24 hours. Women, every 28 days. Do you know what else cycles over 28 days? The Moon. If the moon is powerful enough to control the tides of our oceans, why is it so far fetched to believe it can affect our water filled chalice (our blood lined uterus). In this workshop, we will learn about the 4 phases of our menstrual cycles, yes ladies, we are far more than PMS and chocolate cravings, 4 phases. AND, what we can learn about our own bodies’ natural phases, Maiden, Mother, Crone, by seeing how our bodies naturally sync to which moon phases. Jo invites you to forget everything you learned in grade 7 health class, and come explore how to be more attuned to your own body’s needs..
  • Release & Renew Ceremony with Jenny & Heather.  Join us for a New Moon Release and Renew Ceremony! We’ll be looking at what we want to let go of, and what we want to invite into our lives. We’ll be doing some journalling, discussions around intentions and then offering up our messages in a fire burning ceremony.
  • Moon Manifesting Guide, inside the Knowledge Center.   Carving out a little time for yourself to engage in monthly full Moon rituals is a great way to enhance your self-care routine. With this guide, you will discover how you can manifest with both the full moon and the new moon. While you can absolutely manifest during any time of the month, you get some unique, special energies during these different phases of the lunar cycle. 
  • Affirmations and Journal prompts sent to your email inbox focused around manifesting. 

We'd be honoured to have you.

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