Hi, I’m Chrissi Bastas,

Camp Concierge and

Yoga/Meditation Leader

Once upon a Soul Full Camp, I was hooked. I attended the first Soul Full Camp ever held, and little did I know that it was the beginning of my journey to self-discovery. At that time, I was very unaware. Unaware of my self-destructive habits, who I was, who I wanted to be, and how to design my own life. 

I remember the walls I had up to protect myself, the resistance, the triggers, the denial. I also remember the beautiful connections, the freedom to truly be myself, the safe and judgment-free space to talk about the things I was having a hard time communicating.

One year after my first Soul Full Camp, I enrolled in a Yoga Teacher Training course at One Yoga in Koh Phangan,Thailand and booked my solo flight. I came across my camp journals and saw my notes from the Soul Sessions and it all started to make sense. I was finally filling my own cup and taking control of my own life.

I returned home with my 200 YTT certificate in May of 2019 and have been teaching yoga and meditation at Soul Full camp since then. 

Camp has helped me learn to love myself and my inner child, take the steps I need to create the life I want and dream of, have the courage to set healthy boundaries, unapologetically be my most authentic self, and to connect with other like minded Soul Sisters. 

There’s just something so beautiful about seeing women supporting other women, seeing them overcome obstacles no matter how big or small, and watching them thrive! 

Soul Full Camp leaves me feeling creative, inspired, and soul FULL. 

I can’t wait to share time with you at Soul Full Camp!

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