Hi, I’m Jenny McKee,

Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Connection and community have always been my gifts, and I use them daily in my life and work with women, just like you.

They are the biggest things that have gotten me through everything and how I continue to support my mental and emotional wellbeing.

Over a decade ago, learning about the power of the mind, spiritual laws, and energy healing gave me new tools and an outlook that supported my mental health journey.

As my mental health journey shifted from illness to wellness with the support of these new tools, I found my definitions of connection and community shifted too.

For me, connection took on new meaning to include mind, body and spirit. A deep intuitive knowing that each one was worthy of being nourished and doing so brought them into balance and energetic alignment.

When I read Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map, the question was posed: how do you want to feel today? I was taken aback. It had never occurred to me before that I could choose.

Shedding awareness on what I desired most, the feelings that drove me, I uncovered five that continue to support me to this day:

     1. Connected
     2. Creative
     3. In Flow
     4. Balanced
     5. Joy-filled

My core desired feelings felt like guideposts on my personal path of mindfulness and self-acceptance.

Community evolved to include like-minded people who were also beginning on a spiritual path. At different points in their journeys, my circle of community grew to include energy practitioners, artists, creatives, and healers.

Art, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and reading were therapeutic and healing tools that I learned during that time, and they continue to support me over ten years later.

Workshops, conferences, and retreats allowed me to learn these invaluable tools that I continue to use and widened my circle of like-minded people who, like me, choose to access this work to support themselves in their journey.

Just as Soul Full Camp does today for hundreds of women each year across the province, with different camp experiences held at multiple locations in Ontario.

The path of healing is different for everyone, but in my experience, there are three key elements:

Connection: Allowing yourself to reconnect and nourish your mind, body and spirit so that you’re aligned and fulfilled in your life.

Community: Like-minded people, those that lift you up and support your authentic self.

Self-Acceptance: Self-acceptance is that very first step forward in creating what you desire in your life.

The fact that you’re here tells me that you too share at least one of these desires, and Soul Full Camp is what you’ve been seeking to fulfill them.

I love seeing the energy at our camps of women supporting and uplifting each other. I can’t wait to facilitate and co-create that experience with you.

Doing the work for myself has become a gift that I share with other women so that you too can experience what it feels like to have the connection, community and self-acceptance you desire in your life.

Each Soul Full camp experience is different. 

What continues to bring women together from across Ontario is our commitment and dedication to providing a safe, non-judgmental community where you are free to explore and be who you want to be—no explanation or apology.

Many of our campers choose to attend multiple camps each year.

Like you, they know that they are worth investing this time, money and effort into themselves because what you put into yourself comes back tenfold. The positive effects ripple over into every area of your life.

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