Send A
Sister To Camp

We believe every woman needs to participate in the magic of Soul Full Camp.  But the sad truth is, that not every woman has access to this kind of experience.

And we’d like to change that.

Send A Sister To Camp will provide women or those who identify as women who have been living with adversity, have faced or are facing physical or mental health challenges and women who are underserved the financial means to attend a Soul Full Camp of her choice.

Our heart is serving women. Lifting them up so they can see their greatest potential. We are determined to leave no woman behind. And we’re determined to remove the barriers to participation that many women face.

Camp offers the magic of human connection while growing, releasing, challenging themselves, forgetting their daily trials and struggles and having a ton of fun. At Camp they will make connections with supportive, caring women that will last a lifetime.

We can’t do this alone, so please help us send a sister to camp!

Here’s how you can help.

Nominate A Deserving Woman

Participate In Our Fundraising Efforts

Send A Sister To Camp elevates women who need the experience of camp, but doesn’t recognize that yet, or without the scholarship would not financially be able to attend.

Do you know a woman who has been living with adversity, a woman who is underserved, a woman who helps and inspires others but doesn’t help herself?  Simply complete the nomination form telling us her story and why you think she would benefit.

After each fundraising event, our selection committee will choose the women who will receive a full bursary to attend camp.

Just click the button below to complete the nomination form. 

In 2023 our community made magic happen and we were able to send 37 deserving women to camp! To date, 64 women have experienced camp through a full scholarship.  Our major fundraising initiatives are online Facebook auctions and draws as well as 50/50 draws held at our camps.

Ways you can help:

  • Bid on items or purchase ticket for a draw (to participate, simply join the Facebook group by clicking here). Soul Full Camp will match all monies raised.
  • Donate an item to auction (simply complete this form or send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll send you all the particulars).
  • Share our fundraising efforts with your family and friends by inviting them to participate.
My time, my experience at Soul Full Camp awakened something in me that was dying to be awoken. I didn't realize how much of an effect one weekend could have on me until I got home. I have a lighter feeling within myself. I've been looking at other women in a different light. With a more open mind and heart. I continue to make my mind body and soul a priority. I am a beautiful continuous work in progress. I am so thankful I was awarded this scholarship. With the greatest of thanks to my Soul Sisters.
Robin H.
Scholarship Recipient
Soul Full Camp is something that every woman should have an opportunity to experience. Often those that deprioritize self care due to financial constraints are those that need this community the most. Being part of a community of women that supports each other and helps raise us up, all without judgment, is something I want to share with the women in my life. The ability to give the gift of sending deserving women to camp fills my soul with happiness knowing it will have a positive effect on their journey.
Claire L.

A Big Thank You To Our Donors For Their Contribution To Our 2023 Online Fundraising!