Golden Lake, September 6 - 8, 2024

Spirituality and Healing Camp

Your soul is calling. Awaken to the possibilities that life holds for you.

At Golden Lake Soul Full Camp, we provide the perfect setting for you to do just that

Unveil Your Highest Potential

Are you ready to embrace a weekend of self-discovery and awaken to your highest potential? You absolutely deserve it.

Picture this – a serene haven nestled amidst nature’s embrace, where you can reconnect with your inner self and rediscover the magic within you. Our Spirituality and Healing Camp is that magical place where your body, mind, and spirit find solace.

Your All-Inclusive Experience

Enchanting Location

Imagine being surrounded by towering pines, rolling meadows, and sandy beaches on over 130 acres of pure bliss at Camp Lutherlyn in the Ottawa Valley. It’s not just a retreat; it’s an escape to tranquility.

Healing and Spirituality

This retreat is exclusively dedicated to healing and spirituality. You even have the option for one-on-one sessions with our incredible leaders.

Cozy Accommodations

Get ready to share joy and laughter in rustic cabins, each accommodating up to 8 wonderful women. Private bathroom and shower facilities are a short walk away. If you’re coming with your besties, let us know, and we’ll make sure you bunk together. And yes, upgrading to a semi-private or private space is totally an option.

Enriching Workshops

Dive into a world of mind, body, and spirit experiences that will make your heart sing. Choose the experiences that your soul truly craves. Our leaders will help you dig deeper and connect to the answers that are already within you.

Nourishing Food

Our chefs are whipping up nutritious and delicious meals that cater to all tastes. Every meal and snack is included, plus, we’ve got an all-day coffee and tea station – because who doesn’t love that?

Mini Treatments

At this camp you have the opportunity to pamper yourself with paid mini-treatments from our phenomenal leaders. We’ve incorporated lots of down time so you can enjoy your choice of paid services at special camp pricing. You will have the opportunity to book a session after registration.

Rediscover Through Circles

Women unite in circles to break barriers, release fractures, and rebuild trust through ancient healing practices.

Circles create an equal ground to purify energies, share stories, and restore eroded trust. Embracing genuine stories and vulnerabilities fosters powerful sisterhood, where collective healing propels us toward wholeness.

Life demands shedding what no longer serves, and in circle you will find crucial moments for release and surrender.

The circle is a sanctuary for self-discovery and transformation—an accepting, loving, and nurturing space where you can unfold without judgment. Join us in this sacred journey of renewal.

Extend Your Joyful Stay

Ever wished for a bit more time to soak in the magic? We’ve got you covered! Join our 3-night extended stay retreat after the weekend camp.

All guests will be staying in the lodge in a semi-private and private room.  Participants from last year loved the sense of intimacy and connection experienced during these few days, which propelled them to new heights in their personal journey.

We’ll be preparing meals as a community and there will be lots of down time to enjoy the beach and have great conversations with the other soul sisters. We’ll be offering limited programming which Jenny and Heather will be leading.

Pricing for these additional 3 nights/4 days is $400 per person for a semi-private room or $500 per person for a private room.

Once you register for the weekend camp, you will have the opportunity to add the extended retreat to your cart.

Only a few rooms available, so act fast!

Your All-Inclusive Investment

Save $100 off below pricing when you register before March 1st!

Regular Cabin


Shared bunk space with up to 6 other women. Single bed. Comfort station a short walk away.

Upgraded Lodge Semi-Private Room


Share a room with one other woman. Single bed. Shared bathrooms, showers, kitchen and living space. 

Upgraded Lodge Private Room


Your own private room with a double bed. Shared bathrooms, showers, kitchen and living space.

Raphael Cabin


Share a cabin with one other woman.  One double bed and one single bed. Cabin has kitchenette, bathroom/shower and a deck.

Beach Cabin Semi-Private Room

SOLD OUT - $895

Yes a cabin on a gorgeous beach.  Share a room with another woman in the cabin. Bedroom has a queen bed on bottom and a single bunk on top. Cabin has a kitchenette, living area, a bathroom and a deck. 

Beach Cabin Private Room


Watch the gorgeous sunsets from your own private room in this shared cabin on the beach! Cabin has kitchenette, living area, bathroom and deck.

Extend Your Stay

Semi-Private Room Extended Stay


Extend your stay after regular camp. Share a room with one other woman in the lodge. Shared bathrooms, showers, kitchen and living space. 

Private Room Extended Stay


Extend your stay after regular camp in a private lodge room. Shared bathrooms, showers, kitchen and living space. 

Join Us On This Journey

This is YOUR chance to reconnect, rise, and rediscover the beautiful you. Click below to secure your spot at the September Golden Lake Soul Full Camp – where judgment doesn’t exist, and laughter is encouraged.

Workshops Being Offered at September Camp

belly dance session image

This ancient form of dance guarantees fun, learning, laughter and bonding in sisterhood in a supportive, judgment free zone.

When you explore, heal and begin to express your own Feminine characteristics and surround yourselves with those who support your healing, you open up the magic of the sacred feminine.

grief warrior session image

Navigate grief in a safe space, understanding its varied manifestations. Explore and choose to become an Empowered Grief Warrior by raising awareness and making intentional choices.

Explore the art of sensuality in this session. Deconstruct shame, engage in taste, sound, and self-touch experiences to enhance life and embrace wonder and magic. Once the doors to living each moment as a sensual experience open, you stop living on autopilot and begin seeing the wonder and magic around you.

Meet a Faery Helper who will teach you ways to take care of yourself by tending to the Earth. We’ll use faery cards, movement, ritual, and guided meditation to come into what the Celts called “an sith” – The Peace – where we begin to remember how, in our very nature, we are One with Creation.

Vagus nerve session image

Did you know you have an amazing superpower within, and it’s called the Vagus Nerve. In this workshop we will discuss what it does and how you can quickly and easily activate it with simple exercises to feel calmer, more relaxed and less anxious.

Add a gentle, grounding practice to your Soul Full weekend! This class will help you learn some grounding poses, techniques and modifications that you can practice on and off the mat—never tried yoga? What better place to start than at Soul Full Camp with your soul sisters!

Embark on spellcraft and intention-setting in this interactive session. Explore the basics of herbs, crystals, and spell jars. After some grounding and protecting exercises, we will be creating our own spell jar and charging it with intention, embracing the power of group manifestation.

oils and chakras session image

All of Mother Earth’s Gifts help and support our mind, body and spirit! Come and learn which crystals are safe to combine with Essential Oils to augment their vibration and healing potential for each energy centre. Make a roller ball for one of your energy centres that you
have been working on!

Unlock the power of oracle cards to navigate life’s challenges and gain insights. Learn to connect with your intuition, read cards intuitively, and expand awareness in this guidance-filled workshop.

In this workshop, participants will become immersed in the healing vibrational sounds of Crystal Bowls and Koshi Chimes to regain a sense of peace and calm.

The Hindu Goddess Saraswati was once a mighty river, and when we relax into her flow, she brings us home to the natural Grace, dignity, and power that are our birthright. Together we’ll explore her mythology, invoke her presence with sacred chant, and undertake a drum journey to receive her gifts, wisdom, and healing.

sacred spaces session image

Discover the art of crafting a sacred space at home or on the go. Join this creative session using provided and gathered materials to create a personalized, meaningful space for practice and contemplation.

Create your new story as you step in and become your own goddess. We will journey through a meditation to find your strengths, gifts, guides, plant/tree, animal/bird, crystals and so much more so that you can create your own Goddess Warrior Card. Let Everyone See You SHINE!

Unpack the impact of the mother-daughter relationship in this healing workshop. Address the mother wound, fostering awareness and understanding for conscious healing. Empower yourself and future generations by taking the first step toward personal growth and joy.

Explore Amy’s accessible approach to sensing subtle energies for protection. Using tools and meditations, learn to detect shifts, stagnant energy, and entities in your space. Delve into energy hygiene, daily protection, and connect with spirit guides through light meditative work.

Explore the transformative power of Colour Mirrors System’s Chakra bottles. Understand the deep meanings of traditional and higher vibrational colors, unlocking consciousness, joy, and expanded awareness in this enlightening workshop.

Discover the joy of meditation, whether you’re a seasoned practitioner or a beginner. Co-create a ceremonial space to cleanse, breathe, move, and rest, fostering mindful moments and grounding energy at Soul Full Camp. All expressions of meditation, including napping, are welcome!

Embark on a nurturing yoga journey to deepen your understanding of each Chakra through movement and art. Explore light and shadow aspects within yourself, use breath to process emotions, and connect through a small intuitive art project. Find balance and clarity in this beautiful practice.

Your September Camp Leaders

Meet Heather DelRosario

Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Many people think that an awakening happens all at once, but in my experience, it was a series of little moments.

Subtle shifts in awareness that built upon each other led me to look at myself in the mirror, hold my gaze and say to myself, “I’m making the decision that I don’t want to live like this anymore.” It was time to find me.

In the years since that pivotal moment, I’ve uncovered my purpose and have helped hundreds of women create change in their life through Soul Full Camp experiences.

I invite you to join our community of empowered women at Soul Full Camp on your journey to find the best version of you.

Meet Jenny McKee

Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp

Art, meditation, hypnosis, journaling, and reading were therapeutic and healing tools that I learned during my own mental health journey, and they continue to support me over ten years later.

Workshops, conferences, and retreats allowed me to learn these invaluable tools that I continue to use and widened my circle of like-minded people who, like me, choose to access this work to support themselves in their journey.

If you’re here, it’s because you share a desire for connection, community, and self-acceptance. Soul Full Camp is the sanctuary you’ve been seeking to fulfill these desires.

Invest in yourself, and watch as the positive effects ripple into every area of your life. 

Lydia Jackson
Jo Mazgay
Rachel Logan
Margaret Dennis
Kelsey Watts

Give yourself the gift of Camp! You’ll be so glad you did.

What Our Past Campers Have To Say About Soul Full Camp

The camp enviroment is loving, kind, supportive, and incouraging. You feel like you can do anything you set your mind to. Your new sisters will cheer you on all the way. Pick you up, dust you off and hold your hand. Best self love you can do for yourself.
Donna H.
Bringing your truth to the surface can be very difficult. We are programmed to be guarded and protective of our feelings. I found myself trusting more minute by minute in the hands of the leaders at camp.
Sandra T.
Soul Full Camp was a life changing experience! I went home feeling lighter, more free and grounded. I have a new perspective and set of goals. Can’t wait to carry on this amazing work that is ME
Amy R.

Find all of this, and more at Soul Full Camp!

Small Print and Refund Policy

Must be a woman or identify as a women who is 18 or older to attend.

Our Refund Policy

We know sometimes life happens and so we will provide a full refund 30 days prior to your camp less a $75 administration fee. Anything less than 30 days to camp has no refund, however you are welcome to gift your ticket to someone else (a $25 admin charge will apply), as long as you notify us in writing at [email protected].

But we really, really don’t want you to do that. Why? Because we know, from personal experience, how easy it can be to second-guess your instincts and say, “Oh gee, I don’t reeeeally need to go. What was I thinking?” or “(Sigh) Life is just so busy, I can’t possibly get away! Oops! Changed my mind!”

So we’re saying, “No way. None of that.”

Instead we’re saying, respect your time and respect ours. Say “heck yes” to the experiences that you really want, in life — and show up.

Any questions before you commit? Email us at [email protected] for a caring, non-judgmental response. Prefer to talk on the phone? Mention that in your email and we’ll set up a date to chat.