Ready to Move From Fear and Into Freedom?

A One Day Interactive Soul Full Day

November 10, 2024,  8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Jubilee Pavilion Banquet & Conference Centre, Oshawa, ON

Unleash your full potential and embrace personal growth with a day filled with inspiring connections, empowering speakers, and life-changing workshops. Break free from fear and uncertainty and take that first step towards the life you’ve always desired.

5 Reasons Why You Need to Attend Soul Full Day

Reason #1
Embrace Your Authentic Self

Fear often masks our true selves, holding us back from living authentically. At Soul Full Day, you’ll learn strategies to shed the layers of fear and embrace your authentic identity, allowing you to live with newfound freedom and confidence.

Reason #2
Unlock Your Potential

Fear has a way of limiting our potential, keeping us stuck in comfort zones. Through inspiring talks and interactive workshops, you’ll discover how to push beyond fear’s boundaries and unlock your full potential, paving the way for personal and professional growth.

Reason #3
Build Resilience

Life is full of uncertainties, but it’s how we respond to fear that shapes our resilience. Soul Full Day will equip you with the tools and mindset to confront fear head-on, turning obstacles into opportunities and setbacks into stepping stones towards success.

Reason #4
Forge Deeper Connections

Fear can isolate us, but it’s through vulnerability that true connections are formed. Connect with like-minded women, share your experiences, and cultivate meaningful relationships that support you on your journey from fear to freedom.

Reason #5
Take Inspired Action

Don’t let fear hold you back from living the life you desire. Soul Full Day will inspire you to take bold, inspired action towards your goals and dreams, empowering you to overcome obstacles and seize every opportunity that comes your way.

Join Us and Rewrite Your Story.

Fear may be a familiar companion, but it doesn’t have to dictate your future. Join us at Soul Full Day and rewrite your story from fear to freedom. Take that first step towards the unknown, and discover the limitless possibilities that await when you choose courage over fear.

Seats are limited. Reserve your spot today and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

Meet Your Event Hosts

jenny headshot

Jenny McKee

Jenny is an extraordinary motivational speaker, bringing a wealth of wisdom and over 25 years of entrepreneurial experience to inspire and support women on their mental health journey. As the Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp, her mission is to empower women by connecting them to their body, mind, and spirit through transformational personal development and wellness retreats.

With a deep passion for personal growth, Jenny is a certified Points of You facilitator, leveraging her expertise to guide individuals on their path to self-discovery and empowerment. She is also the creative mind behind the “Just for Today” Affirmation Decks and Journals, which provide daily doses of inspiration and self-reflection to help individuals create positive change in their lives.

Jenny’s speaking style is a powerful blend of empathy, encouragement, and unwavering support. She’s dedicated to helping others let go of limiting beliefs, conquer negative self-talk, and break free from self-defeating patterns. Her motivational message revolves around the mantra: “dream, believe, become!”

Jenny’s journey as an entrepreneur, her commitment to women’s mental health, and her transformative retreats have left a lasting mark on countless lives. With her warm, authentic presence, Jenny has become a beacon of inspiration for those seeking personal and professional success.

Heather DelRosario

Heather is a dedicated advocate for empowering women to live their fullest potential and embrace the life they were destined to lead. As Co-Founder of Soul Full Camp, a Strategic Intervention Coach trained by the world-renowned Robbins-Madanes Training, and a Heart Centered Facilitator inspired by the teachings of Danielle Laporte, Heather has made it her life’s mission to guide and inspire women to refocus their energies on what truly matters in their personal and professional lives.

With her insightful and practical strategies, Heather encourages women to tap into their inner strengths. Participants are drawn to her for her ability to provide tangible, actionable advice that can be applied immediately to create positive transformations.

Heather’s expertise is grounded in a rich background in learning and development and managing corporate teams, where she has honed her skills in nurturing personal and professional growth. Heather’s own life journey, with its unique challenges and triumphs, has equipped her with a profound understanding of the paths to personal fulfillment and self-empowerment.

Heather’s passion, combined with her extensive experience, equips her to deliver compelling and transformative insights, leaving her audiences inspired and ready to take meaningful steps toward the life they were meant to live.

Meet Rachel Logan, Wellness Leader

We’re excited to have Rachel lead mindful and wellness moments throughout the day. 

Rachel is a dedicated Yoga and Wellness Instructor with a passion for creating beautiful experiences and fostering connections.  Her wellness journey began in India in 1997. After her children grew older, she pursued her passion with 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2018. She later expanded her expertise with Partner Teacher Training, Kids Yoga Training, and Restorative Yoga.

She fulfilled her dream by becoming a full-time Yoga and Wellness Instructor at Ste Anne’s Spa, a top destination spa in Canada, focusing on creating beautiful experiences.

Rachel has been an integral part of the Soul Full Camp community, serving as a leader and Camper Concierge.

This isn’t your typical dull conference where you spend the entire day just listening. Our workshops are crafted to engage and involve you actively. Prepare to immerse yourself in hands-on activities that foster personal growth.

Meet Your Speakers

Michelle Weger

In a world saturated with curated images and generic stories, true authenticity stands out. Join Michelle Weger as she shares her unique journey as a business owner with narcolepsy, accompanied on stage by her Great Dane service dog, Quinn.

Michelle is a Disabilty Advocate and has appeared on AMI’s nationally broadcasted television show “You Can’t Ask That” where she answered anonymous questions about services dogs.  She also collaborated with CBC Marketplace on an hidden camera investigation to document human rights violations against people with disabilities within Canada’s transportation networks.

Everything You Have Ever Wanted is on the Other Side of Fear

What if what you perceive to be your biggest obstacle or weakness is actually your greatest opportunity? Delve into Michelle Weger’s compelling story of living with narcolepsy. This talk strips away the veneer, revealing the essence of conquering fear and embracing life’s unpredictability. It’s an invitation to witness the power of resilience and discover how to harness your own inner strength to face challenges head-on, transforming fear into a force for personal triumph and growth.

Ticket Pricing

Early Bird - $119

Regular Pricing - $149

We'd love for you to join us!

Don’t let fear dictate your future. Take control of your destiny and join us at Soul Full Day.

Your story is waiting to be rewritten – are you ready to embrace the challenge? Don’t wait another moment. Register now and start your journey from fear to freedom!



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