Welcome to the Travelling Inspirational Rocks Project

These rocks were painted with love by someone who wanted to brighten your day at Soul Full Camp, a women’s empowerment retreat in Ontario, Canada. Our mission with this project is to inspire and to spread kindness, positivity, and love worldwide with these rocks.

Your special rock is filled with love and light and the thing that your soul needs right at this moment. We believe that the right words have found their way at the right time to the right person.

If you found a rock …

This is your rock for as long as you need it. We’d really love to know where these rocks are travelling to, so please share a picture with us on our Facebook page and tell us where you found it.

Once you are finished with the rock (you have received what you needed from it), we encourage you to leave it somewhere new for another person to find it.

Think of what the message meant to you … you can help somebody else get that unique feeling too!