Courage Looks Different For Everyone

When you think of the word courage, what comes to mind? Many people think of some huge feat of superhuman strength. But we think of courage a little differently … and maybe you do too.

We saw really brave women display courage in all kinds of ways when they come to Camp. 

For some, it was deciding for once that they’d be vulnerable. To really let down the wall that’s been in place for so long and keeping others back from knowing the real them. To be ok with crying and expressing how they really felt rather than holding it all inside. To share a painful experience in order to release it and get the help they needed. That takes a lot of courage in our books.

For other’s it was facing a fear of heights, having the courage to climb up a 30 foot pole, stand up and jump off! Taking those first few steps were terrifying … but they knew that if they kept on climbing, they would be good. Plus, they had other women there supporting and cheering them on. You should have seen the look on their faces when they finished … and they ended up ENJOYING the experience. What an accomplishment for those women.

Courage showed up for other women when they identified the actions they were doing that were causing their unhappiness.  Instead of feeling ashamed about how they had been behaving, they took accountability for it and made the decision to change. Wowsers! Huge courage in that decision don’t you think?

Some showed courage when they decided to get out of their comfort zone in expressing their creativity. They let go of the perfectionism that was controlling them and for once, didn’t compare their project to others. They knew that how they expressed themselves was uniquely them, and that was wonderful.

For other’s it was releasing who they thought they were supposed to be. Who other’s told them they should be. Courage showed up when they made the decision to be who they truly were in their soul.

Courage can come in soft whispers or in great big roars. You don’t have to be super woman to display courage. Being yourself is really enough.

You can overcome whatever emotional fear that’s been holding you back. It just takes a little bit of courage. And what we know, is that we all have that courage inside of us, just waiting for us to decide that today’s the day.

Ready to step into your courage? Why not join us at camp?! Learn more about these incredible experiences by clicking here.


Heather and Jenny