We were so pleased to have the opportunity to sit down and chat with Robin. Robin was nominated and awarded a Send A Sister To Camp Scholarship for one of our 2021 camps.

Robin shares openly about some of her previous biases and how she saw herself before attending Soul Full Camp.  She also talks about how she’s changed and the areas she’s continuing to grow in. She also speaks about how she was positively affected by her time at camp.

She’s a beautiful soul. We’re so privileged to be able to call her a soul sister.

Here’s the conversation between Robin and Co-Founder Heather …

Heather. You were nominated for a Send A Sister To Camp last year, what did you first think when you were notified that you had won a scholarship?

Robin. I was surprised, and I admit I thought “I don’t know what to expect”. My wonderful friend Claire who knew I was going through a diffucult time, nominated me for Send A Sister To Camp. She talked about how amazing it was and how much Soul Full Camp had helped her on her journey.

The closer it got to camp, I got a little bit more excited and a little bit more nervous not knowing what to expect. I was trying to have an open mind and not have any expectations, but I was a little scared.

Heather. And you came without knowing anyone, so that was a big step of courage. So kudos to you.

When you first arrived at camp, how were you feeling?

Robin. I felt this amazing energy as soon as I pulled up and got out of my car. I was greeted and I could just feel this energy and this calmness. When I sat down for the opening, I felt comfortable and safe.

Heather. That’s awesome! You came to the Golden Lake Camp last year at Camp Lutherlyn. That was actually the first time we had Soul Full Camp at that location. We also found the energy there so grounding and calming. Remember our closing ceremony where we were at the outdoor cathedral where all the big pine trees were. We were in circle and playing our closing song and I remember looking up and the trees were swaying with us. It was so powerful and magical. The energy was so incredible. It’s a beautiful location and we’re excited to go back again there this year.

Robin. Yes I was so torn to where I was going to go this year for camp whether to go back to camp Lutherlyn or to go to Algonquin. But I was torn because I loved every bit of it not only the the scenery, the accommodations, the women … everything about it. But you’re right, that closing ceremony, the energy was so powerful. I don’t think any of us wanted to leave.

Heather. I know it was very, very special. And you know it’s good that you’re trying other camps. We’re excited to go to Algonquin Park. We’ve been trying to get there for the past two years and because of COVID camps were cancelled. So we’re super excited to be able to go Camp Arowhon, and I know you’ll love that camp as well.

What did you love most about your time at camp?

Robin. I think it was the freedom to be yourself and also to have the opportunity to ask anyone anything. You could laugh, you could cry, you could be by yourself, you could join a group, you could open up a discussion, join a discussion. It was just freedom to do what you wanted with no judgement. It was liberating.


Heather. No judgement, no expectations. That’s one of the wonderful things we hear a lot from our campers. You can do what you want to do and get what you need, which is so different for everyone.

What one thing were you most surprised about?

Robin. You know I was surprised how different everyone was. There were things we had in common absolutely, but we had younger, older, married, not married, with children, no children … there wasn’t just one type of woman there. I think I had some thoughts in my mind of who would go to the camp – I had made some judgements – so I was pleasantly surprised.

Heather. Yes such a diverse group of women attend camp. And really all the women are there just to improve themselves and to live a better life. So that’s good company to be in right.

Why do you think other women need to come to Soul Full Camp?

Robin. There’s so many reasons. I think that women need to remember that you are important, that you are worth it, that you deserve to take that time to yourself, to start exploring, and I know that’s different for everyone. So maybe it’s some digging, maybe its some shedding, it’s more laughing, more crying, just to tap in. And just to start. And sometimes its to continue something you’re already doing and if you want that much more enrichment you’re in a better place to find it.

Heather. So true.  Did you learn anything new about yourself at camp?

Robin. Yes! I had this negative self talk that was with me all the time. That narrative is gone. I was so aware of it when I got home from camp. What’s wonderful is that it’s almost totally gone. I have a mantra now that I am worthy. I wrote it down and keep it in my room. I remember to take care of my mind, my soul, my body. I remind myself that it’s ongoing to okay. And to not worry so much. To just be.

Heather. That’s a beautiful gift to receive.

What was your biggest takeaway from attending camp?

Robin. I think my biggest takeaway was shedding that negative self talk.  And to keep that more positive, calm mindset. I’m so much more at ease.  I was definitely more wound up prior to attending camp. I also had made some judgements about women which were totally erased at camp.

Heather.  It’s wonderful to know that there are women out there who really just want the best for you. We love that at Soul Full Camp, that’s the type of women we attract. We call them forth and they come and it’s a beautiful community. And what I love too is the community afterwards, and I know you participate in our Alumni Group. That community doesn’t stop at camp, it continues which is a beautiful thing.

Robin.  Even you just saying that warms my heart. And it’s as simple as that that. There are women who want the best for you, truly and genuinely.

Heather.  No competition with women who are evolved. I remember how I was in my past life. Oh my gosh, I was so judgemental. I was all of those things because I was so unaware. Our main purpose with camp, is yes to have women living their best life, but in order for them to do that, they have to awaken. They have to become aware of how they’re living right now. It’s so beautiful having this conversation with you and hearing that’s exactly what happened for you.

How did attending Soul Full Camp make a difference in your life?

Robin.  I thought I wasn’t judgemental, but it made me be aware that I actually was. And I’ve been much more open sharing with all friends, but especially with girlfriends and the women in my life. It’s reminding them and recognizing in them to be easier on themselves and reminding myself to be easy on myself.

I want to live a healthy life in all aspects and that’s a big important one that we often leave and neglect. So I think that’s my biggest takeaway – to remind myself to be easy on myself. And I heard it before, but now I really say it, and I mean it and I feel it,  “just take one day at a time”. Everything will be okay. I used to hear that and really think “Will it?”


Heather.  Yes living in the present is really a beautiful thing and that’s what one day at a time is really all about. Being present in every moment, so you’re not missing the fabulous moments that you’re experiencing today, because you’re focussed on the what if’s of tomorrow.

Do you remember how you were feeling when you left camp?

Robin.  Yes. I had this lightness and I know if someone goes away or on vacation you can feel relaxed. But this was different. It was definitely not only had that weight being lifted, things had been shed and I had this really positive powerful feeling.

I was talking about this with another soul sister and saying that “I never want this to go away, ever”. And I felt that. I just had this light, powerful positive feeling in all of me, right from my heart. It was so strong. 

Heather.  Any last thoughts you’d like to share? Anything you’d like to share around being nominated for Send A Sister To Camp?

Robin.  I think that Claire, who nominated me, knew enough about me from our talks, and knew that I would more than benefit. Even thought I didn’t really see it or know it yet. I would say when you have those friends that you’re talking to, listening to and you feel that they’re maybe lost or there’s something … it could be empty, it could be lack of joy or fulfillment. And if you think it, act on it and nominate them for Send A Sister To Camp, because it is so real.

And after attending camp, without a doubt I was locked in. I would definitely nominate a woman for Send A Sister To Camp.

I have been judged, criticized, put down and commented on my whole life. Too thin … too quiet, I heard those a lot over my life. It was a first for me to have a weekend with no judgment, no criticism, no glares or negativity. I am forever grateful. Every woman needs to experience this.

Heather.  Thank you so much for sharing your story Robin. We’re so excited to see you grow into the woman you were meant to be.

Interested in nominating a woman for Send A Sister To Camp?  Click here to learn more about the program.